Race Trainers


Selecting a trainer for your horse(s) is one of the most important tasks facing a race horse owner. It can also be one of the most difficult because of the complexity of the relationship between owner, trainer and horse. The following predominantly thoroughbred trainers have expressed an interest and willingness to take on Arabians racing at Delaware Park. These may be trainers you are not familiar with, and please note that EARA does not recommend or endorse any particular trainer. We advise you to do your due diligence when hiring a race trainer.


Race Trainers
  • Mike Catalano— 302-290-6627
  • Heather Holkehan— 856-885-3486
  • Scott Lake— 267-994-2227
  • Carolyn Lloyd— 609-202-1909
  • Tony Pecoraro— 954-232-9903
  • Michael Simone— 302-588-9315
  • Vicki Smith— 352-745-1130
  • Reeves Vest— 610-563-8218



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